Wednesday, 11 May 2016

11th of the Month - To the friends of bygone days...

Hello People of the abyss!

I love Deadpool

It's not an astonishing fact that we make friends, we keep them for some years, and then we inevitably drift apart. Some might have been our best buddies, some "fair weather friends", or just acquaintances you got connected to. Life took them away, maybe even death. Sometimes distance separates us, or we just stopped putting in the effort for the friendship to be sustained. Many times it happens because of some mistakes we make. But eventually, many people leave our side in life, and that's okay. Because there are many more people you can find to fill the gap. They might not be the same as the ones you had, but they'll be different, and that's fun.

I've had my fair share of friends in life till now, many came, many went back. But somehow I've retained myself through the whole process.

For me, the best kind of experience with people is when both parties are accepting of the new person. I've been around people who blatantly ignored my presence and made me feel like an outsider; and fortunately I've been around angelic folks who acted as if they were my best friends from the first time they met me.

Here's looking at you, current besties (Source)

I admit, I'll be a bit quiet in the first 30 minutes or so of meeting you, but after that, I'm a riot! (based on actual reviews).
And I have had enough people walk out of my life that it doesn't worry me much when it looks like certain people are on their way out. I say "Room for more!"


All I have to say to the friends of olden days, is -  Thank you, for your presence, it taught me more about friendship; and more thanks for your absence, it taught me more about life.


Stay Awesome \m/

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